Travel Toucans — Nov 2021 Update

Pre-Flight Travel Toucans Preview

We’d like to thank everyone for their early support of Travel Toucans (TT) in what we know will be one of the most fun, rewarding, and valuable projects going forward in the NFT space. As you may have seen before on Twitter, been told through DM, heard on Twitter Spaces, etc., this project is being built slowly and deliberately to ensure the correct moves are made every step of the way. Nothing will be rushed if it is not 100% tested and ready. Nothing will be promised unless it can 100% be delivered. This is how a truly strong project and community is built. As seen with everyone’s patience already, I think it is safe to say that those already here are here for the long, amazing road ahead! So, thank you again.

In saying this, here are a few of the most recent developments, some of which you may have noticed already:

Forward Facing
~ Discord channels further developed and organized including 🗒|project-info|

~ Toucan ownership verification finalized (✅|verify-ownership|) and member-only channel created (🗺|toucans-only|)

~ Website shifted to as a better fit for this project concept (although .com will still work and redirect going forward)

~Continuous discussions in Twitter Spaces as a speaker about the project and traveling

Behind The Scenes
~ LLC formed in order to protect the project AND its members — if you’re not already aware, there are risks out there in just being a project member/holder (especially if you have or the project has ties to the USA) if the project is not properly incorporated

~ Discussions on weekly, live chat Town Halls to discuss both travel experiences/questions and developments in the project itself (this will eventually evolve into separate voice chats as we grow)

~ Potential to include members of the NFT photography community in the full TT launch, plus full launch artist scoping and evaluations

~ Research into platforms for officially gated TT voting for future community-driven project decisions

~ Research into the best platform for TT to be available to purchase using fiat currency in order to reach a broader travel community and make their journey into the NFT space as smooth and easy as possible

Up Next
~ THE REVEAL — first 45 (15 art/photo combos x 3 copies each) with selection taking place in discord by bot randomization, followed by 20 (10 combos x 2 copies each), followed by the final 5 (1/1 including 1 Golden Toucan)

~ Potential NFT.NYC representation by @newNFTguy at events OUTSIDE of the main conference

~ NFT travel photography purchases by the project for giveaways to expand our marketing reach

~ Website rebrand as we incorporate the TT full launch pivots mentioned above

~ New smart contract development based on TT full launch pivots and future community/Pre-Flight holder voter decisions

That’s probably not everything, but the most important pieces for now as this announcement is already a short novel — thanks for sticking with us if you’re still reading.

As always, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, inquire about travel, share your stories or ask for help with anything as this is OUR community and project.


TTT (Travel Toucan Team)



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Travel Toucans

Travel Toucans

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