Happy New Year and Dec 2021 Update

First off, we hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season and we want to wish everyone a very special Happy New Year! May you reflect on your successes & learnings of 2021 and enjoy an even more extraordinary 2022.

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The (new and improved!) Travel Toucans Team has been hard at work behind the scenes and we have some very exciting updates to share! Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. THE Vision
  2. New & Improved Travel Toucans Team — Why and Who?
  3. Business Management, Marketing & Collaborations
  4. Dev Developments
  5. How YOU can help!

THE Vision

Our dream is to give more people access to travel and life-changing experiences. There’s nothing quite like bringing great people together through new encounters and once-in-a-lifetime escapades.

With all the incredible, transformative opportunities that NFTs and travel offer, Travel Toucans will be the leading project at the intersection of these spaces. For our community members, we will be curating one-of-a-kind adventures, launching dream travel giveaways from the TT community wallet, and hosting worldwide community meetups. As the project evolves, members will have special access to some of the world’s best boutique hotels/lodging, exhilarating experiences, thrilling road trip master plans, plus much more.

We’re extremely excited about the amazing people who have already chosen to join the project and for all the special people who will join us along the way.

New & Improved Travel Toucans Team — Why and Who?

Some may have heard in Twitter Spaces or elsewhere, but the original Dev and Artist from the Pre-Flight Toucans decided to focus on another project and resign from the Travel Toucans team. While they helped launch the start of the project, ultimately, their passions are elsewhere. While skilled in each of their departments, these teammates were long term friends that were brought onboard from our long standing relationships rather than necessarily a professional and perfect fit for Travel Toucans. That is no longer the case.

We’re immensely excited to introduce you to the new extraordinary team:

The new Dev has an undergraduate degree in engineering and a masters in machine learning from one of the top universities, plus he was selected to attend one of the most selective software engineering bootcamps in the world. He helped build the social connection platforms for many major corporations including Delta Airlines and T-Mobile. @NewNFTguy, our founder, says the Dev is “even more humble than he is smart and he’s the smartest guy I know.” In addition, the new Dev has traveled all across the world with his wife so he adds to the wealth of travel knowledge in the TT community.

The new Artist is internationally accomplished and has crafted larger-than-life murals for clients on the sides of buildings and roofs all over the world. He’s also worked with the likes of @LouisVuitton and other world-class brands. His attention to detail makes the art beyond impressive and will really help escalate Travel Toucans to the next level as an NFT art & collectible project beyond the built-in travel utility. Again, he too offers a unique perspective to travel knowledge having had it incorporated into his profession.

Finally, we have also brought onboard a Creative/Community Director and fellow travel expert. Having worked on numerous projects as both an entrepreneur and collaborative artist, he’s extremely knowledgeable in the creative marketing department. Additionally, he has an uncanny ability to listen and understand others, a skill essential to building out our amazing TT community. Hailing from Canada, he has lived across Asia for an entire winter, made his way through the mediterranean, lived in Guyana on a health outreach and motorcycled throughout Vietnam.

Needless to say, this team is built to blow your beak off.

Business Management, Marketing & Collaborations

Let’s keep this part short and sweet. First, we’ve obviously launched this Medium account and we’ve also set up the TT instagram account. TikTok and additional social channels are being considered. TT was represented at both NFT.NYC and Art Basel in Miami where connections were continued to be made and built in the NFT world. We now have the ability to host Twitter Spaces and have done so a few times and will continue this into the new year to talk about traveling, NFTs and spread the word about the project and our travel-curated community. An initial NFT has been acquired for an ongoing giveaway and we will continue to explore options to expand our reach.

One of the largest developments in this section is our collaboration with Scott Kominers, an associate professor at Harvard University & @HarvardHBS. Scott also develops the puzzles featured in Bloomberg Opinion and that is how he will be collaborating with TT! Together, we will develop a unique travel-based puzzle to generate buzz around the project and reward some solvers with giveaway Travel Toucans upon minting along with white list spots for ALL puzzle solvers.

Dev Developments

The basic pieces of the smart contract are in place and we have now moved on to optimizing for gas and additional functionality unique (read: not like every other project!) to TT. Reveal mechanics have been discussed and both instant reveal or delayed reveal are being coded so a decision can be made based on project following and initial white list sales. TT provenance has also been thought through and will ensure fairness while preventing “metadata sniping”.

The primary website is well on its way to being upgraded and completely rebranded using our new Artist’s style and assets. The minting site is fully functional and only requires design updates with the rebrand.

How YOU can help!

  • Follow @traveltoucans and please retweet and like the posts as much as possible! EVERY interaction helps get the Twitter algorithm to share our content to more potential community members
  • Check out and enter our current (as of 12/31/2021) NFT giveaway for a very cool piece by our friend @bryanminear titled “Hidden Amongst the Clouds”
  • Submit your travel photos & videos so we can show off YOUR skills and share YOUR stories (credit will obviously be included)
  • Let us know if you have any fun skills (meme maker, video editor, joke writer, Twitter space host, etc.!) that you would like to contribute or clever ideas that you think could help TT flourish-efforts will not go unnoticed ;)

As always, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, inquire about travel, share your stories or ask for help with anything in the discord as this is OUR community and project.






1st worldwide travel-based NFT membership collection. Access a curated community, travel experts/planning & a community wallet making travel dreams come true!

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Travel Toucans

Travel Toucans

1st worldwide travel-based NFT membership collection. Access a curated community, travel experts/planning & a community wallet making travel dreams come true!

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